1. What is a coach?

  • A business or career coach is not a consultant, or a therapist, they are a combination of both.
  • A good coach is someone you can trust and who has the knowledge and skill to diagnose specific issues in your business or life.
  • A good coach has the strength and patience to wait for YOU to deliver on the solution

2. Who needs a coach?

In your business when it is:

  • Plateaued and needs help to get to the next level
  • Facing a major opportunity or threat
  • New and in a startup or early growth stage
  • Ownership transition: sale, inheritance, bankruptcy, divorce.

In your career if you are a:

  • High achieving individual who wants to accelerate your rate of development
  • Women new to management or business ownership
  • Good performing individual struggling with a problematic situation
  • In a career or job transition: a promotion, layoff, or starting a new business
  • Have a high level of stress or job frustration causing “burn out”

3. What do coaches do?

  • Provide objective perspective to help clarify issues
  • Uses experience to prioritize issues identify alternatives
  • Creates structure to facilitate business or action plans
  • Establishes accountability for results

4. What results can you expect?

  • Confidentiality and mutual trust
  • Focus on your individualized situation and issues
  • Reduced personal stress or anxiety caused by feeling overwhelmed