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The Value of Small Business Coaching

5 Times You Definitely Need A Small Business Coach 

  1. Entrepreneurs just starting a new business
  2. Owners dealing with rapid business growth
  3. Declining sales or profitability
  4. Starting a woman-owned business 
  5. Nonprofit organization dealing with change
  6. Want to sell a business

These are times when business coaching is especially valuable for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Small businesses which are experiencing rapid growth require expanded capabilities to be successful.  In other cases small businesses need coaching to help them deal with declining markets or low profitability.  Special situations would include a woman-owned business, or an owner seeking to sell a business.  It has been proven that business coaching can help you achieve your goals in all of these situations.  Even the CEO of Google, Larry Page, recommends that all business leaders use business coaches.

3 Reasons why small businesses don’t use coaches

  1. Business owners don’t see their weakness
  2. Business leaders don’t realize the value that coaches provide
  3. Previous business coaches failed to achieve results

How to achieve small business coaching success

For small business coaching to be successful a number of factors must occur.
Coaching works best when a structured process is used.
Mutual trust must exist between the coach and person being coached.
There must be planning and self-discipline.
A time commitment from both parties over a period of time.
A match between the client’s needs and the coach.

Why you should use customized business coaching by B2BPlanner

  • B2BPlanner Ltd.uses face-to-face coaching that is  designed for each client to guarantee that they achieve their goals.
  • Every coaching engagement starts with an individualized assessment of the client and his or her business to formulate the specific coaching approach that will work for them.
  • business model canvas is generated for most clients during this process.
  • And finally, the number of clients is limited so that your coach is available when and where needed.

Types of small business coaching you may need

  • Leadership development
  • Business startup and entrepreneurial skills
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing strategy and execution
  • Nonprofit leadership development
  • Business transition or sale
  • Business growth plans
  • Profit improvement and sales growth



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