We are totally committed to the businesses we partner with as people first and as clients second – and our clients notice and appreciate that personal touch.  Although we are tough in holding them accountable, we understand and are sympathetic to their situation because we have been in their shoes. We also bring an objective perspective, years of experience, and a systematic and disciplined approach to resolving problems and seizing opportunities. The bottom line: Ours are clients for life, are comfortable calling on us to assist or advise them whenever they need help.  On this page you can see how our methods are easy to understand and learn, practical and adaptable to YOUR specific business and goals.

Featured Testimonial :: Martine Collier – Culture Works

clients_culture-works_sm“Culture Works engaged the Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati to evaluate the effectiveness of the governance of the organization at the board and executive level. Art Helmstetter was the project manager for this effort, and worked with the board to create written governance documents including bylaws, policy documents, and committee charters. This has helped Culture Works obtain a Guidestar gold rating for non-profit organizations.”
            – Martine Collier, President & CEO Culture Works, Dayton, Ohio

Culture Works is a nonprofit regional arts agency, that provides a unified voice for all the cultural organizations and activities in the Dayton region. It promotes the amazing cultural vibrancy of the Dayton region to a national audience.

Hear what other Ohio business owners have to say about us:

Increase Confidence to Make Decisions

Sove Law“Working with Art on building our small-business from the ground up has been a great success-in-progress. Art’s approach to strategy and implementation allows the business owner to work methodically instead of scatter-shot. He provides value, creativity, and decades of business experience to help business owners gain perspective on both the big picture and the work of the week. Absolutely recommend without reservation!”
            – Alma Sove, Co-owner Sove & Sove LLC, Law Firm


Chris and Alma could have made nice incomes at a large law firm. But they had a dream of starting a law firm that treated clients with respect and that clients could trust. Highly educated in their field, they did not know much about starting and running a small business. Using our tools, we helped them create a plan, giving them the confidence to build their business, and commit fully to execution. This allowed them to spend time sering their clients at their business in Oakwood, Ohio.

Boosting You Up When You Level Out

Computer Troubleshooters“I own a small Beavercreek based business called Computer Troubleshooters that had hit a growth plateau. Art started working with us in February 2013. He immediately saw our strengths and weaknesses and outlined a plan to get us growing again. Our revenues are up and we are expanding into new areas. I can’t say enough about how easy Art is to work with. He’s very down to earth and explains the way things work in understandable ways. His years of experience and networking with different organizations have been of tremendous benefit to us.”
            – Cliff Brust, Owner, Computer Troubleshooters

Cliff and his staff understand the IT business better than anyone we know. But they did not understand how to run a small business during the start-up phase. We helped them to determine which aspects of their business defined their unique value proposition and place in their market using the business model tool. We then helped them define their identity and develop methods to communicate this to their customers and prospects. It has been gratifying to see them increase sales and be more satisfied with their family business.

What Keeps YOU Awake at Night?

James construction“Art is very dedicated to helping my business grow. His help with finding target markets, using social networking and developing a simple business strategy have helped place my business in front of numerous potential clients. I definitely sleep better with Art on my team.”
            – Brian James, Owner James Construction & Renovation, Dayton


Using our 7 Point Diagnosis, we analyzed Brian's business, and quickly found what was keeping him awake at night. Although Brian's residential remodeling business has grown rapidly, by its very nature it is seasonal. To retain quality craftsmen Brian needed to even out his workload. By improving his marketing effort and increasing leads we achieved his goals. Brian's construction business is profitable and growing at a high rate in Dayton, Ohio.

Committed To Your Success

clients_katrinas-kitchens_sm“Art is simply great! I hired Art to help me start up my new business – Katrina’s Kitchens – home delivered and home cooked meals. He has from the start been realistic and pointed out areas that I needed to work on. He draws on his knowledge and experience to provide state-of-the-art helpful information. If you want your business to be successful hire Art!”
            – Katrina FitzSimmons, Owner Katrina’s Kitchens Monticello, Florida


By understanding how Katrina wanted her small business to operate, and her specific goals for business growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction, we customized professional business management tools for her business culture and values. She is now running a successful small business in Florida and just opened a storefront kitchen!

Got The Right Job!

Sue“Art was great at helping me identify the areas of improvement that are critical for my long term success, and create a development plan. He asked great questions to get me really thinking about what is important and he follows up to make sure I stay on track. I am very pleased with the results! Art is truly dedicated to helping his clients succeed.”
            – Sue Dershem, Detroit, MI


Sue was living in Shanghai China because her husband had taken a three year assignment with his company. Before returning to the United States Sue contacted us to help her evaluate her career options and make the transition back to the United States. Sue was at a critical time in her career. We began the process by evaluating her situation, including the Hogan Assessment, a powerful tool for self-assessment. We spent three months developing an action plan, and three months executing. The conclusion was a position back in the United States that is outside of Sue’s comfort zone, but within her competency zone. Sue diligently applied the SEE – THINK – DO process to achieve her goals.


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