Why Are Small Nonprofits Invisible in Dayton, Ohio

Small nonprofit groups that I interact with in Dayton have something in common. They feel ignored and underappreciated. This is strange, since I always hear about how close knit Dayton is, and how the people are caring about the community.

So why the disconnect? One reason is the failure of many of these organizations to market themselves effectively, and a second is the “silo” effect that seems to exist in Dayton. At Dayton SCORE, we are trying to change this to help these organizations demonstrate their effectiveness, and increase the positive impact that they have on the Dayton area through training and individual development programs. The following two steps can help you to make your nonprofit marketing  more effective in getting donations, recruiting volunteers, and exciting your staff:

  1.  View “Nonprofit Marketing” to learn how to improve the visibility of your nonprofit.
  2. Complete “Marketing Program Assessment” to see where to focus you marketing efforts.

If you would like to be part of the solution in Dayton, as a nonprofit Board Member, supporter, volunteer or in another way, please contact me. We are hoping to have a city wide event in 2016 to increase the visibility of these organizations and we will need as much support as we can get to get this done. Contact me at art@ohiobusinesshelp.com


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About the Author:

Art Helmstetter knows the daily challenges small business owners and nonprofit organizations face. As a business owner himself, and 35 years of experience as an executive, marketer, and strategist he is a "been there done that business coach. His experience combined with an engineering degree from Princeton University and an MBA degree enables him to work effectively with a wide range of clients to achieve their success.

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