How Two Dayton Nonprofit Organizations Used A Mastermind Group

Mastermind groups work by bringing together individuals with similar needs and capabilities and who have a complementary mix of areas of experience and expertise. By creating a supportive group that works consistently over a 12month period we can harness the combined capabilities of the group to solve problems, create opportunities, and establish sustainable marketing initiatives. A successful group is very focused on results, structure, and discipline while simultaneously providing peer support. The following is based on an article in the January 31, 2016 edition of the Dayton Daily News which presents an example of how two members of my mastermind marketing group in Dayton, Ohio collaborated together.

What Happened
Two local Dayton nonprofit organizations that are SCORE clients have made the news lately with large articles in the Dayton Daily News Sunday Edition. Families of Addicts (FOA) and The Mosaic Institute of Greater Dayton who were featured in the articles have attended the most recent SCORE nonprofit marketing workshop and are participating in a year- long effort to improve their marketing programs called the SCORE “Marketing Impact Group” (MIG) which meets monthly. Lori Erion of FOA and Jess McMillan of the Mosaic Institute are the Executive Directors of their organizations and are the participants in MIG for their organizations.

Their Story
An example of the synergies that can occur was when clients of FOA went to the Mosaic Institute as volunteers to construct a glass mosaic that will be displayed publically in Miamisburg. This gave the volunteers the opportunity to create an artwork that they are proud of, and which helped the Mosaic Institute have a positive impact on the a community. This cooperative effort originated at the marketing workshop even before the Marketing Impact Group was formed. But when Lori agreed to join the group, she suggested that Jess be invited to join as well since she naturally was committed to supporting other nonprofits.

To Learn More about how Mastermind Group can help nonprofit organizations: contact Art Helmstetter.