Nonprofit Organization Training in Dayton, OH

501(c)3 Nonprofit Organizations Value The Help of B2BPlanner Ltd. 

Small nonprofit organizations in the Dayton, Ohio region benefit greatly from the training and mentoring provided by B2BPlanner Ltd.  Our specialist in nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations is Art Helmstetter who has worked with nonprofit organizations in Southwestern Ohio for over 6 years.  Nonprofit organizations receive training from Art in online marketing, fundraising, Board governance, executive evaluation, and  leadership development.   Success is achieved through a coordinated process of organizational assessment, training, and coaching.

Nonprofit Organization Testimonial :: Juli Burnell – Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund

“Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund supports the vital role companion animals play in the lives and well-being of humans by overcoming the lack of financial resources needed to provide medical care for their companion animals. Art Helmstetter has supported this mission by providing consulting in strategic planning, marketing, fundraising, and Board of Directors management.”             – Juli Burnell, Executive Director Ellies Rainy Day Fund, Dayton, Ohio

Step 1. Nonprofit Organization Structure 

501(c)3 status for nonprofit organization

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The first question that people starting a nonprofit organization is “Do I need 501(c)3 status?”

The answer to this question is not obvious and is contained in “Do I Need 501(c)3 Status? ”

Step 2. Nonprofit Organization Assessment 

The nonprofit organizational assessment is a strategic tool in which the leadership of a nonprofit organization evaluates  the organization’s key functions, structure, systems, leadership, and culture.  This helps leadership focus on those areas identified as being critical to achieve organization goals.  The assessment is the first step in a much broader change process and is followed by a strategic planning process which identifies the priorities for areas requiring development.  Click here to acess the nonprofit assessment.

Step 3. Nonprofit Organization Training and DevelopmentNonprofit organization marketing workshop

Our nonprofit workshops are conducted in conjunction with the Dayton Chapter of SCORE and address:

  • Nonprofit Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Board of Directors
  • Volunteer Management
  • Planning and Finance

See more at “marketing training”.

Step 4. NPO Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is an individualized process to help develop leadership skills of people in nonprofit organizations.  Coaching can be done either individually or on a group basis.  People receiving leadership coaching have consistently achieved solid results.  An article on group coaching is available using the following link: Group coaching helps NPOs improve their performance.  Read here