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Effective fundraising, supporter engagement, and nonprofit marketing programs are critical to nonprofit organization success. We provide training and coaching to nonprofit organizations in Ohio for effective marketing and fundraising.  This page contains videos and slide presentation on best practices for nonprofit organization marketing. Contact us to create a marketing plan and connect you with local marketing companies that can help build a web site, implement social media marketing, and conduct search engine optimization (SEO).   In the following video, nonprofit consultant Art Helmstetter presents 3 key elements of an effective marketing program for nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit Organization Marketing Training:

Nonprofit Marketing Workshop

The foundation of effective marketing campaigns includes a clear definition of a targeted audience, a clear message to engage the target audience, and selection of the proper marketing media to convey the message.  The following presentation explains how marketers can develop a marketing campaign that includes a compelling call to action (CTA) that strongly motivates donors, volunteers, staff or clients.

Email Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations

Email marketing is the most effective way to engage nonprofit organization supporters.  Email open and click rates are higher than engagement rates for social media marketing. Superior returns on investment (ROI) above those for other marketing methods are obtained using email marketing.  Email platforms such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact provide analytic capabilities to monitor behavior indicating degree of engagement of the buyers.

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This assessment can be completed in 15 minutes and will provide an indication of the effectiveness of your marketing program.

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