Entrepreneurs, small business owners and nonprofit organization in Dayton, Ohio can access a variety of tools on this page.   As a business consultant serving small businesses in the Dayton and Cincinnati area, we have connections to helpful local service providers.  If you can’t find what you need on this page,  contact us to find local support that meets your needs.

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Nonprofit Support
We support nonprofit organizations in a number of ways though the Dayton SCORE workshop and mentoring program, the Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati, and though our own leadership development program at B2BPlanner Ltd. A variety of educational tools such as workshops,articles, worksheets, templates have been developed and are available on this website.

Women Owned Businesses
There are a number of resources available to business owners in the Dayton, Ohio area, and some are focused on women entrepreneurs and business owners. We will continue to update this list as time goes on.

SCORE - Small Business Mentoring and Training
SCORE is a non-profit volunteer organization the provides free business coaching and training, and mentoring to new and existing small businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the United States. A variety of educational tools such as articles, worksheets, templates, videos and webinars are available on the SCORE website. We support the Dayton Chapter of SCORE by being a training resource to them in small business management, web-based marketing and security, and planning.

US Government Small Business Administration, Financing and Support
The Small Business Administration is a branch of the US government dedicated to assisting small business through loans, small business development centers (SBDCs), and training through media and publications. These resources can be accessed through the following web links:

State and Local Small Business Resources
Required registration and permits for new businesses in Ohio
Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati (for non-profits in SW Ohio)
Business Coaching Tools
We have developed tools designed to guide clients through the See-Think-Do business optimization process. This structure helps clients understand the process and enables them to do much of the work independently. The short business assessment is part of the no cost introductory coaching package which includes a one hour coaching session which allows our clients to experience our methods before committing any funds.

Leadership Development Tools
Leadership is the most critical element of business, and provides personal fulfillment through career success. We help leaders develop a solid foundation of skills to help them succeed in their career, and in the case of business owners, increase the potential for growth and success of their business. We use assessment tools to help leaders better understand their abilities and their tendencies. We then utilize the “Leadership Model” to enhance strengths and strengthen weaknesses.

Articles and blog links
More has been written about leadership than any other business subject because it is so critical to achieving business success. The following articles were written by Art Helmstetter using traditional leadership models as the basis for illustrating key elements of leadership systems.

Books - links to Amazon
      • Emyth – One of the most widely read books on starting and managing a small business.
      • Franchises – Thinking about buying a franchise, read this book first.
      • Strength Finder – A book focused on an assessment system for building outstanding
      • Google SEO – A newly published Amazon Ebook dealing with search engine optimization
      • Business model book

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